First Drive!

We didn’t have a car when we grew up. My dad bought our first car when I was in my second year of college. It was a Maruti 800. Until then there was no interest in me to learn driving. I never knew that cars would become a part of me. Right after my 18th B’day, I went to learn driving along with my mom. An uncle of mine had a driving school and we learned to drive from him in an Ambassador. The moment I held the steering, shifted the gear and pressed the pedal, I realized it was love at first sight. That moment car and I became inseparable. All it took was 4 days to learn and then it was just me and the road.

My dad used to come to pick me up from college for holidays and I will always get the keys from him and drive our Maruti home. It was a four-hour drive… a blissful 4 hours on a road lined with huge trees and lush greenery. I will be filled with joy and pride whenever the needle crossed the 100 mark and touched a 110 or 120. Though my dad was a little apprehensive about me driving in the beginning, my mum gave me all the courage. So, whenever my dad was away from home, my mum and I will take her for a spin. And after two, three bumps and scratches, I became close to a pro. Our Maruti served us well and gave me all the confidence on the road and after 10 long years, we inevitably had to part with her. She is the first Best car one can have…

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