My First Love…

Food.. that’s my first love. My grandmother (Dad’s mom) and my mother are great cooks. Though ours was a nuclear family of just four, we got together in my grandparent’s home for all festivals and holidays. It was a big old house filled with lots of love and laughter. And food was an integral part of it.

AmmiEven with 20+ people, the idlis and dosas will be served piping hot, the chutneys and masalas will be hand ground in Ammi. And the taste.. well no words can justify it. Even a simple rasam will be heavenly. Come, Diwali, the house will be filled with aromas of pure ghee, adirasam and murukku. So, my grandmother is my first inspiration and the reason behind my long tongue 😉

My second inspiration is my darling mother. She got married at a very young age and didn’t know abc’s of cooking. But now she is an expert in south Indian delicacies. Though we were not an affluent family, there was never a shortage of food. My mum made sure we were fed healthily. My sis and I had opposite taste palettes and every day when we came back from school, there will be one dish my sis loved and one dish I loved. Seeing my mum cook so awesomely, I entered the kitchen when I was 12. My first dish was Moong dal balls. We used to read a kid’s magazine called Gokulam, and there was this recipe. With the help of my mother, that was the first dish I tried. I don’t remember the recipe now, but it was a tea time snack and it turned out good. Guess, with two great cooks in my family…. the Genes are favoring me too 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajalakshmi says:

    Great Muthu. Proud to have a sister like you, loaded with talent, love and affection.


  2. Pragati singh says:

    Great work👌👍👏


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