Puli Kulambu

This Kulambu/curry is yet another favorite of my family. This tamarind based curry is tangy yet spicy and made only in the Southern regions of Tamilnadu. It’s so flavorful that we cannot possibly stop with just one serving. I made this kulambu with Brinjal, but you can use just small onions or drumstick or ladies finger or potatoes.


Brinjal – 3-4 medium ones

Garlic – 10 pods

Chilli Powder – 3 tbsp

Coriander Powder – 2 tbsp

Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tsp

Tamarind Extract – 1/4 cup

Water – as required

Salt to taste

For Tempering:

Oil – 4 tbsp

Mustard – 2 tsp

Urad dal – 1 tsp

Asafoetida – a pinch

Curry leaves – 9-10 leaves

Puli kulambu 1


  1. Peel garlic and cut brinjal into four. Keep the brinjals immersed in water to avoid them from changing color.Puli kulambu 2
  2. Heat oil in a kadai/pan. Using sesame oil gives the kulambu more flavor. Once the oil is hot, add mustard, urad dal, asafoetida, garlic and curry leaves. Reduce the flame.Puli kulambu 3
  3. Saute till the garlic turns light brown and nice aroma comes.
  4. Now add the brinjals and saute till they change color.Brinjal recipe
  5. Once the brinjals have turned golden brown, add the turmeric powder, coriander powder and chilli powder and saute for a minute. Take care not to burn the powders.Puli kulambu 6
  6. Add the tamarind extract, salt and about a cup of water. Keep the flame on high and let it boil for 3-4 mins.Puli kulambu 7
  7. Reduce flame and let it simmer for about 30 minutes until oil floats on top.Puli kulambu 8
  8. The tasty puli kulambu is done. Serve it with white rice and mild koottu. Also tastes amazing with curd rice. Puli kulambu 10


  1. This curry can be used for a week when refrigerated.
  2. The longer you let it simmer the better the taste.
  3. Garlic is the one that adds flavor to this recipe, so add lots of it.
  4. Add the dash of sesame oil to rice while serving for added taste.

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  1. Neelesh Bharti Shukla says:

    Looks yummy! I bet Raji is gonna love it.


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