About Me

Cars and Cheese… strange combination? Well, these are the two things I live for.

Hi, I am…. let’s leave the name out for now… I am an Architect with a passion for Cooking, Tasting & Driving. No matter what day I have, the moment I start my car, turn on the music and foot the pedal, all is forgotten. Then it’s just me and the road. Same with food. Be it cooking or trying a new restaurant, food instantly soothes me.

So, this blog is going to be all about cars & food…. the cars I have driven, my experiences with them… both good and bad, my dream cars, recipes, my dine out¬†experiences and much more…

And hey, I have forgotten to say one important thing about me… I am a 100% OCD, which is great for me but extremely tough for people around me as I try to be as perfect as possible. You will figure it out as you follow me.